My favorite teaching moment, so far, this year.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

I may be young and new at this profession but I have an excellent memory.  I remember ever math lesson I taught last year throughout my 3 different long term assignments.

Teaching the same lessons this year is what teaching is all about! I reflect on how things went in the past, and work on teaching it better and more effectively the second time around.

I remember the lessons on Making Change last year. I never really felt the kids "got it".  I didn't feel like I was consistent in my methods and strategies I taught to them. Homework came back with a lot of comments for parents saying how tough this was for their child.  I did not have a clear vision of how their little brains were working and their background knowledge.  

This year, I discussed it with my coworkers and one of them broke it down for me and gave me a new tool to use.  While I picked fun of him at first, his help allowed me to teach making change in such a better way!

This year, a lightbulb went off {for me and the kids! }  As I began teaching, I created a chart with a few steps and arrows.  It just seemed to work! The kids got it! 

Then we went to do it in our math journals and all was lost.  So I whipped up this worksheet the next day to mirror the chart I was using.  They picked it up again!

I saw so many come back from being confused by our math program {which shall remain nameless}.  If you teach making change, you should definitely check out my new product:


Next up, I need to renovate this blog now that I am not "soon-to-be" Mrs. Stahl although it doesn't quite feel OFFICIAL because my name hasn't OFFICIALLY changed yet.  Why am I waiting? Well getting to the Social Security office when their hours are 8-3 is quite impossible without taking a day off.  The second reason is really great--WE BOOKED OUR HONEYMOON!

Here is a little glimpse at where we will be:

AHH! I am daydreaming way too much.  Since my long term position will be over the day before Thanksgiving, we decided to go December 8th-15th and we could NOT be more excited.  Sorry to make you jealous ; )

Mrs. Stahl
{Sassy Sub}


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