I'm WIDE awake!

It is currently 7:19 am on a Saturday morning.  SATURDAY MORNING! The day I {we} wait for ALL week to sleep in, lay in bed and enjoy freedom from the work week.  Why am I awake? Well that would be a combination of factors.  J had to work this morning because of rain ALL week.  I went to be relatively early for a Friday night.  I am now officially one of those people who "can't" sleep in on non-school days.  I always thought those people were full of it! I actually kind of still think they are because if I had *really* tried to go back to sleep, I probably could have.  But a few things are keeping me wide awake:

1. Life in generally is naturally stimulating right now! It's hard to want to be asleep when you love everything around you SO much when you are up! That sounds ubber corny right now but it is the truth!

2. I am genuinely excited to do work on the weekends.  Not like grade papers, but CREATE new materials for both TPT and my own classroom!  It is kind of addicting, for real.

Okay, so mostly those two things.  SO I am going to get back to working.  Not to say I won't be back to share whatever it is I do work on.  Or that I will be sound asleep upstairs in bed in 1-3 hours.  But that is the beauty of the weekend!

PS. Will be having our very first *dinner* party tonight.  Well, we are having my new brother & sister-in-law over and they have yet to see the house! Post a picture maybe later!

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