My favorite teaching moment, so far, this year.

I may be new at this profession but I remember every math lesson I taught last year throughout my 3 different long term assignments. 

Teaching the same lessons this year is what teaching is all about! I reflect on how things went in the past, and work on teaching it better and more effectively the second time around.

I remember the lessons on Making Change last year. I never really felt the kids "got it".  I didn't feel like I was consistent in my methods and strategies I taught them. Homework came back with a lot of comments from parents saying how tough this was for their child.  I did not have a clear vision of how their little brains were working and their background knowledge.  

This year, I discussed it with my coworkers and one of them broke it down for me and gave me a new tool to use.  While I picked fun of him at first, his help allowed me to teach making change in such a better way!

This year, a lightbulb went off {for me and the kids! }  As I began teaching, I created a chart with a few steps and arrows.  It just seemed to work! The kids got it! 

Then we went to do it in our math journals and all was lost.  So I whipped up this worksheet the next day to mirror the chart I was using.  They picked it up again!

I saw so many come back from being confused by our math program.  If you teach making change, you should definitely check out my new resource.


I'm WIDE awake!

It is currently 7:19 am on a Saturday morning.  SATURDAY MORNING! The day I {we} wait for ALL week to sleep in, lay in bed and enjoy freedom from the work week.  Why am I awake? Well that would be a combination of factors.  J had to work this morning because of rain ALL week.  I went to be relatively early for a Friday night.  I am now officially one of those people who "can't" sleep in on non-school days.  I always thought those people were full of it! I actually kind of still think they are because if I had *really* tried to go back to sleep, I probably could have.  But a few things are keeping me wide awake:

1. Life in generally is naturally stimulating right now! It's hard to want to be asleep when you love everything around you SO much when you are up! That sounds ubber corny right now but it is the truth!

2. I am genuinely excited to do work on the weekends.  Not like grade papers, but CREATE new materials for both TPT and my own classroom!  It is kind of addicting, for real.

Okay, so mostly those two things.  SO I am going to get back to working.  Not to say I won't be back to share whatever it is I do work on.  Or that I will be sound asleep upstairs in bed in 1-3 hours.  But that is the beauty of the weekend!

PS. Will be having our very first *dinner* party tonight.  Well, we are having my new brother & sister-in-law over and they have yet to see the house! Post a picture maybe later!

Well hey there!!

It has been a month since I have updated this and SOOOOO much has happened.  I have been MIA because of the absolute craziness which has been my life.  I have been debating between a reallllly long post or a few short ones.  We will just see how this goes.  I might go out of order.


It was the most awesome, amazing day with my husband, new family, old family and friends! The rain held out until about 30 seconds after my father-in-law pronounced us husband and wife. We only were able to snap a few pictures before it started to pour {for the rest of the night} but I couldn't be happier with the ones we were able to get!


I am slacking on some pictures of it right now because it is a bit of a work in progress.  But nevertheless, it is incredible to come home everyday to a place that is your own and spend time with your HUSBAND in your HOUSE! Gosh I love those two H words.

3. TeachersPayTeachers!!

I have not one but TWO products currently for sale in my TPT store.  And what is so EXCITING is I have been using my OWN products in my OWN {kind of} classroom!  My kids keep asking "who is the sassysub?" when I respond "that's ME!" they are always kind of confused.  But this has been a confusing year for them with their teacher out on maternity leave, and me getting married and my name changing.  They have been along the ride for all of my new life adventures.

My first product is all about Singular and Plural Nouns.  It includes 2 reference posters, a sorting activity, two worksheets and a page showing how nouns change from singular to plural.

My second product is all about Proper Nouns.  I guess you could say I have a thing for nouns!  It includes 3 worksheets, 3 center ideas, a sorting activity, and two posters.
                                                            Proper Nouns Common Core Aligned

I haven't snapped any pictures of my kids using my products because we have just been that busy and my mind has been scattered.  But I am slowly settling into this new life and starting to get into a routine. 

4.  It hasn't all been rainbows and butterflies...2 weeks before our wedding my grandmother passed away.  She was 89 and it was her time to go but it was still a very difficult time.  In between all the unbelievably great things going on, it was a roller coaster of emotions to watch her pass, mourn her death and then the next day celebrate house settlement.  She has been looking over us for sure and she wouldn't have been able to physically make it to our wedding while here on Earth, so I truly believe she was watching over us that day : ) RIP Mom-mom

So I think I *pretty much* covered all that has been going on in my life.  I vow to make future posts 90% teaching and 10% life instead of what they have been!  Now I am off to do some Saturday errands and spend the day with my hubs

Mrs. Stahl