Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

The past week I have been waiting for my new long term assignment to start.  The teacher will be on maternity leave but she hasn't had the baby yet!  I feel like I have been "on call".  She is due on Thursday and although I want to start working and I know she is ready, I can't help but hope she holds off for one more day!  Why? Because I have a 1/2 day assignment at my most favorite school.  I love it so much there, I volunteered Friday to help out since I didn't have much else to do.

Things with the house are at what feels like a stand still.  The wedding is in less than 3 weeks and there isn't much more to do for it and work hasn't started yet.

So in the meantime, I have found the motivation I was very much lacking all summer.  I completed my 2nd TPT product.  It is all about Singular and Plural nouns.  I have been trying to prepare in advance for the next few weeks because of the upcoming nuptials.

You can find it in my TPT store.  I cannot wait to use it in the next few weeks! I can't even imagine how rewarding using MY OWN creations will be.  I am also very excited to share with my fellow 2nd grade teammates.

This weekend J and I spent a lot of time together, with friends and with my parents.  I can never get enough of hanging out with him--which is why I am marrying him!!  We got our marriage license last week.  Part of us is very excited and part of us is kind of excited for "the big day" to not be the focus in our lives.  I hate to sound like I am complaining but it has just felt like a very LONG time waiting for this one momentous moment and now we are ready for what life holds after it!

Molly {soon-to-be Mrs. Stahl}

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