Winding Up

Well the end of summer is near which means a lot of things are about to happen.  What hasn't happened (yet) is a teaching position.  Still hoping...  Regardless, I will go back to day-to-day subbing and I have {pretty much} come to terms with that.

I didn't want to miss out on all the back-to-school shopping fun so I hit up my local Dollar Tree and put together a sub bag.  I have a TON of worksheets from last year that I never got to use so I am excited to have those on hand for times of lull.  Of course I had to get some candy as external motivation.  And every teacher needs a ton of pencils.

Part of me is excited to travel around to my favorite schools and see all the people I have come to know in the past year.

Part of me is excited for the unknown.

Part of me wishes for some stability and guarantee of at least a long term position.

While that part of my life is uncertain, one thing is for sure:

 J and I are getting married on September 21st.

 It is coming up SO soon and we are very excited.  I know it is just going to fly by and I want to soak in every precious moment of these last weeks before the big day.  And I of course still have LOTS of preparation for that.  I envy the bride who is totally on top of her game.

Speaking of the wedding, my matron of honor, L and my cousin, also L will be celebrating my upcoming nuptials this weekend in NYC.  I am very excited to hang out with two of my favorite ladies and galavant around the city.

Last but not least, the {town}house.  Things are coming along but it doesn't look like we will be closing next Friday as originally hoped.  It could still happen but we've run into a major hiccup.  I'm not going into details about it but it's definitely a big setback.  We had a scare that we were going to lose the house completely but I think things are back on track now.

Hopefully next week I will return with some great news.  If not, life is still great.

Take car!

Molly {Soon-to-be Mrs. Stahl}

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