Good news!!

So I said last week that I would *hopefully* be back with some good news this week and guess what!?? I have some!!

I will be teaching 2nd grade until THANKSGIVING!!

I could NOT be more grateful for the opportunity! I LOVE 2nd grade! And the crazzziest part is the teacher I will be filling in for has the SAME last name as my soon-to-be hubby! Weird? Meant to be? I think so!!

This next month is going to be absolutely NUTS but I am so ready!  I start working on Thursday {inservice} which I am super pumped for...does that make me a dork?  I know all most teachers complain about trainings, inservice, ect. but when you have wanted to be a teacher your ENTIRE life and dreamed of these days--you build up excitement--and I hope it never dies down!

I will meet the teacher I am covering for, we will get to prepare for the next few months and on top of all of that I will be working at a school where I am already familiar with many teachers! It makes it all so extra sweet.

On top of this all, we close on our house in 3 weeks and get married in 1 month!! AHH! I can't wait to keep you updated with all this craziness.

Last weekend, my 2 MOH's and I took on Manhattan for a fun-filled bachelorette party! 

It was seriously THE BEST time and the perfect "end" to my "freedom" aka not working.  But I am not complaining one bit! I cannot wait to be in the thick of the chaos.  I think I work best that way!

 Molly {Soon-to-be Mrs. Stahl}

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