First day!

I had my first day of school in about 3 years!!  Well, it wasn't like a {real} first day because I was shadowing the teacher I will be filling in for.  Regardless, it was exhilarating to be back in a school, in a classroom and with students!

First impressions: the class I will be with for the next few months seem SO sweet and they are very excellent listeners! Let's hope it stays that way!  I don't have any pictures to share but I will be back in action tomorrow and be sure to snap a few shots.

After tomorrow, I will be "on call" for whenever the teacher has her baby!  I am actually looking forward to a little down time before it's full on all day everyday. 

J and I went out to celebrate {aka, I was too tired to cook} tonight with some wings! Jon ran into an old friend from high school and it is always nice to spend time out with my lovey.  Especially because I won't see him tomorrow night because of Back to School night.

Very tired. Short post.  GOODNIGHT!!

Molly {soon-to-be Mrs. Stahl}

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