My First Product!

    I finished my first buy-able (not a word) product!  It's called the Compound Word Kickoff!  It is a matching game/activity to practice compound words.  Compound words can be one of the more difficult skills because mixed with syllables, students get confused.  They want to break down every word into two parts and call it a compound.  The rule of thumb is when the two words can be separated and make meaning on their own- then it is a compound.  

       In other news, my best friend, future hubby and I had dinner and drinks tonight.  Afterwards, we ended up at our apartment playing the Wii.  I put together this ridiculous platter of "snacks".  Talk about unprepared!! I have been trying to cut back on buying foods and using everything we have in our pantry before we move
(because who wants to move a bunch of stocked goods?).  Here is my *joke* platter:

Yeah, I put Oreos, Cheez-its and El Fudge cookies on a plate and called it "hostessing".  It got eaten, don't worry.

Well, that is that!

 Molly {soon-to-be Mrs. Stahl}

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