First Product in Process...

I spent today fixing up my blog the best I could by looking up advice on Pinterest.  I am still not 100% satisfied with it but it's definitely an improvement!  Then I started working on my first TPT idea.  It's been so hard to focus on what to create because I don't have a permanent position in any grade just yet.  After this first product, I might just work on some fun and engaging worksheets for various grades that substitutes can keep on hand for those times where we need a back up plan because we all know there are plenty of those.

I also picked up our check for our down payment for our new townHOUSE!  Here is a picture of it:
I am in LOVE!  If all goes as planned, we will be in there in 25 more days!

Well I didn't completely finish my first product but I did work on it a lot today and it will most definitely be ready for presenting tomorrow!  In the meantime, I am uploading a freebie of an old worksheet I made in college.  Very simple and not very imaginative but it's functional.  I found a bunch of worksheets I had made while student teaching before TPT was even a thought!  Instead of just tossing them, I figured I would share.  I uploaded my first worksheet a few months ago (freebie) and I was pretty shocked it's been downloaded a few HUNDRED times!  That's just a wonderful feeling : )  I hope to duplicate that success tenfold.  It doesn't really compare to what others have accomplished but it's not a competition.  It's about helping out fellow teachers who have helped me tremendously!

Molly  {soon-to-be Mrs. Stahl}

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